12 struggles all food lovers know too well

 photo 2013-09-21120044.jpg

1) When you go to your favorite restaurant the one day of the week it’s closed and you were really craving some Buttermilk Kitchen

2) When you get full after eating the free bread, biscuits, chips, etc. that restaurants offer and can’t properly enjoy your actual meal

3) When you’re in class and accidentally trick yourself into going to foodgawker.com on an empty stomachphoto (18)

4) The aftermath of all you can eat sushi

5) When Chik-fil-a is anti-gay but you experience a morality slip

6) When you go to college in Illinois and can’t have your WaHo when you want it

7) When you’re so close to one of the major food capitals in the country but can’t get there often enough.

8) Your love/hate relationship with junk food

9) The feeling of guilt you get when you make the food delivery guy drive through the snow, offset by the ridiculous tip you give him

10) Ice cream cravings in the middle of winter

11) Food presentation at fancy restaurants when you’re hungry AF

12) When you live at college and don’t have access to a proper kitchen


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