I did a $300 tasting menu

Next Restaurant by The Alinea Group in Chicago was such a unique tasting menu experience.


Bang Bang Pie https://www.bangbangpie.com/

Miss Saigon https://misssaigonchicago.com/

Next https://www.nextrestaurant.com/

korean grocery store, paint with me, what I cooked and ate this week / wholesome vlog

Meet me at Joong Boo for giant pork baozi!

Watch me hit up my favorite Asian grocery store in the city (sorry H Mart, you’re a close second), make a protein smoothie, do a bit of painting, cook some healthy shirataki noodles, etc.

Do we like wholesome Cat?

Joong Boo Market http://joongboomarket.com/

Joong Boo Eater video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LMEs3ASZ0U

Protein Cookies Recipe: https://ifoodreal.com/protein-cookies/

homemade sushi bake & palomas!

Sushi bake has been on my mind the past few weeks – so glad I got to try making it at home. Saturday night is also a nice excuse to break out the cocktail kit and make my version of a paloma… The sushi bake is rich and delicious, and the paloma was sweet and refreshing.

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Sushi Bake Recipe – Keeping It Relle


* I used less cream cheese & mayo

* I used both real & imitation crab meat, about 4 oz. of each