How to make a killer ~vegetable soup~

I didn’t take this picture. I WISH I took this picture, though. // source: Webvilla via Unsplash

Okay, it’s about time I sat down and wrote about this goddamn soup, because I’ve been making it for months and it’s life-changing.  Continue reading

Spaghetti 2 ways: Carbonara and Tomato

pastaI needed to eat lunch in my NEW APARTMENT and prepare dinner to go. The convenient part about this meal is that you can make lunch AND dinner in under 15 minutes.

While most spaghetti carbonara recipes are really unhealthy because they’re high in calories and fat, you can make a healthy version by using whole grain pasta, swapping in milk for heavy cream, and watching how much cheese you add. Pair with a superfood like sweet potato to balance errthang out. Continue reading