Last time I was in New York… https://youtu.be/Rfk3AOmBruI

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—- Places Mentioned In This Video —-

Forma Pasta https://www.formapasta.com/

Yung Bae https://yungbae.com/

Alligator Lounge https://www.alligatorloungebrooklyn.com/

Alimama https://www.alimamanyc.com/ SOHO Ink https://soho.ink/

Kopitiam https://www.kopitiamnyc.com/

Atoboy https://www.atoboynyc.com/

Nur https://nurnyc.com/

Fishs Eddy https://fishseddy.com/

Levain Bakery https://levainbakery.com/

korean grocery store, paint with me, what I cooked and ate this week / wholesome vlog

Meet me at Joong Boo for giant pork baozi!

Watch me hit up my favorite Asian grocery store in the city (sorry H Mart, you’re a close second), make a protein smoothie, do a bit of painting, cook some healthy shirataki noodles, etc.

Do we like wholesome Cat?

Joong Boo Market http://joongboomarket.com/

Joong Boo Eater video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LMEs3ASZ0U

Protein Cookies Recipe: https://ifoodreal.com/protein-cookies/