3 easy & delicious VEGAN meal ideas

Sharing three of my go-to vegan meal ideas – fresh, simple and YUMMY. Featuring – a Greek-inspired quinoa salad, a chickpea “tuna salad” sandwich, and baked tofu with a yummy kale salad & oven fries. No recipes, just ingredient suggestions!

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homemade sushi bake & palomas!

Sushi bake has been on my mind the past few weeks – so glad I got to try making it at home. Saturday night is also a nice excuse to break out the cocktail kit and make my version of a paloma… The sushi bake is rich and delicious, and the paloma was sweet and refreshing.

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Sushi Bake Recipe – Keeping It Relle


* I used less cream cheese & mayo

* I used both real & imitation crab meat, about 4 oz. of each

China Food Diary – Part 2: Drinks, fast food and etiquette

Read Part 1 of my China Food Diary, outlining basic meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – consumed in China!Image-1


I drank a ridiculous amount of Chinese bubble tea so you don’t have to. I used to work at a bubble tea café, after all, so naturally I was very concerned with how it’s made and consumed in China, which probably does it better than America, but worse than Taiwan, where it originated. Continue reading

China Food Diary – Part 1: A day in meals

This article covers the basic meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – consumed in China. Keep a lookout for future posts, detailing fast food, dining etiquette, alcohol and more!

I’ll tell you all about Chinese meals based on what I’ve consumed over the past few weeks, the best way I know how: by comparing them to American meals.

Chinese pancake street food, stuffed with cooked meat, veggies, egg, and spicy sauce. Cost ~$US 1

Bagels are to you tiao as oatmeal is to xi fan, also known as zhou. You tiao are fried savory cruller sticks that are eaten with rice porridge, either whole or chopped up. Zhou, or rice porridge, can be sweet, savory or plain, flavored with foods like pumpkin, red bean, green bean or just vegetables and meats. Continue reading

Hong Kong Food Diary

Check out my Hong Kong travel diary!

Korean Shaved Ice

0190ea10b8bc81b43af4b67eeb818b9e94098864c1018f15ea26c100667f9c29ed6a63b25baf282744faWe split 0145804c00a9a0d533e0cfeaba5cd0d05c2c060a70Korean shaved ice dishes from Hanbing in Harbor City, Hong Kong’s largest mall. The desserts were gorgeous and extremely well made. Blocks of milky ice are shaved into tiny ice crystals, yielding a soft and light-textured snow. Packed into bowls and scattered with toppings, they are more delicious and beautiful than what I’ve had in mainland China or America. Though they are not cheap (80 $HK or $10 each), the texture is really the game changer. Continue reading