Who is Catherine?

Catherine Zhang is a writer, music enthusiast and foodie from Atlanta studying marketing and journalism at Northwestern University.

Cat the Critic:

  • Restaurant reviews – Chicago // Evanston // Atlanta
  • Personal food essays – they tie in my Chinese background and my college student perspective
  • Recipes and informative articles to get more college students interested in cooking
  • Food diaries to highlight the best eats I had during my travels

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI live to eat, I don’t eat to live.

I first got into food when I started watching Food Network in middle school. In high school, I began cooking for myself and for my family. After going out to brunch with the fam one afternoon, my sister joked that I should start a food blog and it immediately got me thinking.

What better way to spend the summer before college than exploring Atlanta’s food scene and prepping myself for everything that Chicago has to offer?

Now I go to Northwestern, and my enthusiasm about food has only grown.

In my free time, I like to watch food videos on Youtube. My top three favorite channels are Brothers Green Eats, Sorted Food and Eater.

My most recent obsession? International street food.

I live next to one of the best cities for food in the country, and I aim to take advantage of that during my time in college. But being a student means eating out on a budget, so I’ve challenged myself to find the best food for a price that won’t make me cringe.

The food in Evanston is alright, but Northwestern students too often forfeit incredible food opportunities because of the trip. So, among other things, this website is dedicated to exposing the best places to eat and encouraging students to get out there and gorge.


Facebook: Cat the Critic

Instagram: @catthecritic

Want to know more? Visit my personal website, Never Stationary!


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