Sultan’s Market


In summary: Sultan’s Market is a great Chicago spot for cheap, fresh and authentic Middle Eastern food!

Its flagship location in Wicker Park is colorful and even has a porch where you can BYOB in the summer. It’s newer location in Lincoln Park is pretty small and might be perfect for a takeout meal, if there aren’t any seats available!

The menu has a ton of different offerings, from their famous falafel to savory shawarma plates to creamy lentil soup. The most expensive item is $10!

On my most recent visit, I got a baked egg and cheese pie, a cup of lentil soup, a falafel sandwich and the lamb kefta kabob.

The baked egg and cheese pie is a simple pita dough with an egg and cheese baked on! It’s so warm and satisfying – I hope to try the baked meat or spinach pie soon.

The lentil soup was hearty and comforting, blended a bit so that it was delightfully creamy but still had some texture. I’m a sucker for a good ol’ lentil soup when it’s made well – it serves as a great vegetarian or vegan source of protein!

The falafel sandwich was super satisfying – fat, crispy balls of falafel that were well-seasoned and stuffed into a warm pita with some hummus and veggies. It might start to fall apart on you, but it’s worth the mess! Plus, the tangy but simple Jerusalem salad dressing made with tahini, olive oil and lemon juice adds a bit of acidity that balances out all the other savory flavors.

Finally, the lamb kefta kabob dinner was a super filling option that came with 4 large pieces of spiced ground lamb served over soft and fluffy rice and lentils, and some more of that fresh, creamy Jerusalem salad.

Overall, a really straightforward and traditional Middle Eastern spot that I’ll continue to recommend!

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