Cat & Nat take Cookies & Carnitas

Heaven has a name, and it’s called Cookies & Carnitas!


If you’re looking for comfort food but are bored of Evanston fodder, head to Cookies & Carnitas.

With a menu full of tacos, carnitas sandwiches, pizzas and cookies, this quirky little storefront in Edgewater is truly worth a visit.

Natalie (from Hangry Nat) and I visited this restaurant as per the recommendation of our mutual friend, Huy. IMG_9573.JPG

The beef brisket carnitas sandwich was a mouthful of smoky, rich flavors. The shredded beef was was stacked with crunchy slaw and sandwiched between ciabbata slices. This fat sandwich was basically a sloppy joe’s sexier cousin.

We opted for fries as a side, and thoroughly enjoyed the large wedges that we received. They could have been a bit crispier, though.

We also ordered a small pizza with Italian sausage and mushrooms on a thin, crispy crust. It was decent, and all of the flavors were there, but it was almost lukewarm when we received it and there was nothing inherently exceptional about it.

To finish off our meal, Natalie and I split a massive kitchen floor cookie, made with chocolate chips, espresso, nuts and sea salt. It was the perfect blend of crunchy, sweet, salty and chewy!

What restaurants are you loving right now?



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