Koi: Perks of carrying out

During exam week, takeout from Koi pretty much became my saving grace.

Stressed from final assignments and not at all in the mood to study at the library, I carried out from there multiple times that week and ate in the comfort of my own living room, where I sat, studied and chowed down.

Beyond being an ideal setting to take your family, loved ones and friends for a special occasion, Koi has become a great option for carrying out.

  1. I don’t need to feel guilty about ordering out.

    Most of Koi’s dishes comprise a decent amount of vegetables, which means that I get my fill of protein, fiber and vitamins when I don’t have time to cook for myself. Additionally, as delicious as fried rice may be sometimes, it’s easier to control what you eat and more authentic in Chinese cuisine when rice is served separately, as Koi does.

  2. The serving sizes are huge.

    You could easily get away with ordering a half-portion dish, because it’d be more than enough for a meal. And if you get a full portion, you’re covered for dinner and tomorrow’s lunch, because the leftovers keep really well. Just heat up in the microwave if you’re lazy like I am most days, or warm it up on the stove to give a bit of texture back to the food, if you’re feeling extra. Consider: Pad Thai Noodles or Basil Fried Rice

  3. The Prix Fixe Menu gives you serious bang for your buck.

    $18 for dinner gives you a bowl of soup, a half-portion of sushi and an entrée with rice. On weekdays, the lunch special is available for only $12. I opt for this choice when I want some of everything, and honestly, by the time I get to the entrée, I’m halfway full, so there’s frequently leftovers. My favorite combination: miso soup, the shrimp tempura maki roll and the Mongolian beef.

  4. If you spend more than $15 on a carryout or delivery order, you also get a free appetizer! Take your pick out of edamame, crab meat wontons, spring rolls or egg rolls. And if you spend more than $25, you get free fried rice or a California maki roll. All of that? A significant amount of food. You definitely get your money’s worth.

If you’re new to Koi, consider some of these dishes, or

Stir-fried Tofu and Vegetablesfullsizerender-12

My go-to dish when I want something light and fresh, but also filling. Chockfull of broccoli, chestnut, carrots, cabbage and more, this dish comes alive when you add some hoisin sauce, and the tofu adds a kick of protein.

Basil Plate

fullsizerender-13Another wonderful option for healthy eaters. Because whole leaves of basil are cooked with the sweet peppers, carrots, and onion, the peppery and minty basil flavor infuses the whole dish. I recommend pairing it with chicken and brown rice.

Stir-fried Broccoli

Crisp florets paired with your pick of protein – I like beef or chicken –create an ideal balance of vegetables and meat. The crunchy chestnut slices add an interesting texture.

I’ve partnered up with Koi to show you that you’ve got a variety of options to choose from when it comes to eating out.

Check out Koi!

Donate a portion of your meal to a local charity organization by reserving Table 23!

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