GreenRiver: Treat yourself to a meal 18 floors up

img_8189This is probably my new favorite place to go when I’m looking to splurge and be treated like a queen.

GreenRiver is not someplace I would typically visit. You’d probably find me eating in a colorful cafe with large, cheap portions, not a fancy restaurant on the 18th floor of a building. In fact, it’s Northwestern Medicine’s Lavin Family Pavilion, which opened in 2014.

But, yes, I do like to dress up once in a while and treat myself.

GreenRiver, which earned itself a Michelin star in 2016, nails the fine dining experience, with stellar service, atmosphere and most of all, its spectacular food and drinks.

I visited with Eileen for brunch recently, and from the second I stepped off the elevator, I could sense the classiness of the place. Floor-to-ceiling windows, simple and minimal interior design.

There’s also an outdoor terrace offering a splendid view of Streeterville, probably a coveted spot in the warmer months.

On top of that, the staff was incredibly courteous. They offered to check my coat at the door, checked in on Eileen and I the perfect amount, and just overall were very gracious and polite.fullsizerender-1

First, I gotta tell you about the cup of tea I ordered, asĀ it was probably the most elegant cup of tea I’ve ever had. It was served in an individual-size French press-type container with full tea leaves, so you know it’s real. It also came with a small pitcher for me to pour the tea and serve myself, as well as a small carafe of honey and a skewered lemon slice on a clear, triangular toothpick. Oh, and the green tea was great.

Our Eggs Benedict ($21) comprised soft, smoky salmon and smooth and creamy hollandaise sauce, as well as blanched spinach and two perfectly poached eggs. The execution on this popular, traditional brunch menu item was flawless.

The Duck Confit Hash ($20) was the perfect mix of autumn flavors, with Brussels sprouts and caramelized onions tying together diced seasonal vegetables like butternut squash and sweet potato. Of course, the shredded duck was tender and moist, and the sunny-side up egg served with tangy mustard seeds added an eye-catching accent to the dish.

In the end, our meal totaled $52, but the portions were great, and I was feeling very full. Honestly, half of the price was probably for the ambiance, but it made for a great special occasion meal.

My only regret? That we didn’t get to try the lunch/dinner options, or the drinks. Thanks to Eileen for suggesting this place; let’s make another reservation soon.

259 E. Erie 18th Floor, Chicago, IL 60611


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