A short ode to cooking

source: illustratedfantasies

I’m at the helm of a ship, first in command, operating with a sense of calm alertness. Running my own kitchen, I am my own boss.

I got out of my accounting class at 7 the other night and headed straight home. I was cold, hungry and stressed, the weight of looming midterms and class projects bearing down on me.

So I put on some music, opened my fridge and lost myself in the kitchen.

When my hands fall into the rhythm of peeling, chopping and stirring, my mind goes all sorts of places. What a good excuse not to check my phone, getting so absorbed into an activity.

Because¬†I don’t follow recipes unless I have to, I take an experimental project to completion and indulge in a worthwhile reward at the finish line. I’ve watched enough Food Network over the years that I know the basic rules and methods of cooking, and have built up a solid common sense about food.

And if something goes wrong, you come up with a quick fix, and the recipe takes a twist. No big deal.

The smells that come out of your kitchen, wonderful and fragrant, transform as you continue cooking.

Seriously, who doesn’t love food that they’ve prepared themselves? We relish in a labor of love.

Here’s something to play the next time you’re in the kitchen:

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