Atlanta’s best bánh mì? Lee’s Bakery on Buford Highway

Lee’s Bakery on Buford Highway serves some of the best bánh mì sandwiches I’ve had in my life. This bakery/restaurant offers authentic and speedy Vietnamese food for a serious bargain.

Swing by for a sandwich to-go, and they’ll have it ready for you in approximately 60 seconds. While you’re waiting, browse the modest selection of Vietnamese snacks and baked goods available for sale. They also sell authentic drinks like Thai tea and coffee, as well as bags of day-old bánh mì loaves for $1, six to a bag.leesbakery4

There’s not a single thing on the menu that costs more than $10. You can get a sandwich for $3.50, a large bowl of phở for $7, a specialty entrée for $7 and a lot more. My sister and I split an order of pork egg rolls, a pork sandwich, and a pork rice plate for a grand total of $15. It came in a matter of minutes and seriously hit the spot. #porkforever

There’s something here for everyone, and I promise that you’ll find something and fall in love with it!

leesbakery1The pork egg rolls (3 for $3.50) weren’t a good deal, but if you do go with it, request it with peanut sauce. The stuffing is a bit dry and it’s kind of hard to chew, as though it’s been sitting around for a while.

leesbakery3On the other hand, the bánh mì (~$3.50) is a great deal. A large 6-inch loaf of crusty bread is split lengthwise, slathered with creamy Vietnamese mayo, layered with paté, headcheese, pork, pickled veggies, cilantro, cucumber and jalapeño. Yeah, they don’t skimp on toppings.

The light yellow mayo is a bit milder than American mayo, and the pickled carrots and daikon, a staple of Vietnamese fast food, add a fresh, acidic crunch that gives the sandwich an extra kick.

It’s definitely the freshly baked bread that sets Lee’s apart from other Vietnamese places here in Atlanta. The bread is warm and fluffy on the inside, but the crust still has that satisfying crunch that makes the whole sandwich substantial as a meal.

leesbakery2The pork chop and rice plate (~$7.50) comes with a large scoop of white long-grain rice and sliced Vietnamese pork. The simple but delicious dish is finished off with more pickled carrots and daikon, fresh tomato slices and lettuce leaves. It also came with a small bowl of broth, clear and simple, topped with chopped green onions.

4005 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30345

(404) 728-1008

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