6 inspirational food channels on Youtube: Part 2


Cam and Nina

A vegan Australian couple just living life and being happy. They put out regular online newsletters that you can purchase for just a few bucks. You will fall in love with these two so quickly, what, with Cam using dope music in his videos, in a filming style so hilarious and blunt.

They narrate their lives in shots of GoPro biking, walks to the market, and escapes to nature that would make Thoreau proud.

Byron Talbott

I realized the other day, as I was watching Byron Talbott’s channel, that his videos are incredibly well-made. His voice holds so much character and passion with every word, his knife skills are impeccable, and his channel, to me, is all about de-mystifying the classics.

Sorted Food

This group of 4 British lads has come so far. Their app is thriving, their viewer base is passionate and engaging, and they are onto something amazing. For example, their international videos serve to unite cultures and open the pathway to the flow of food culture.

Brothers Green Eats

I love Josh and Mike’s innovation; these two are some of the most creative people I’ve ever come across. They are so passionate about food, and so playful at the same time. Each video is inspirational.

I saw the coconut milk video and immediately stopped by the grocery store to pick up two cans the next day. I incorporated that ingredient into my green curry coconut noodle soup, which was DELICIOUS.

They eventually got picked up by MTV, who helped them establish their own show, with a wacky, colorful theme song that drew me in instantly.


Through Tastemade, you can watch a whole video series about great local flavors and ingredients for alcoholic drinks (Local Flight) or a show about international drinks (Thirsty For…) and SO MUCH MORE. The bottom line is that Tastemade is your outlet for new and professional but innovative and unconventional chefs that will one day be very big.

Discover them in their prime. This is how I discovered Bondi Harvest, Sorted Food and Byron Talbott, all because I clicked on this one video ad:

Helen’s Recipes

For a grown woman, Helen is adorable cute. She goes around cooking authentic Vietnamese recipes. You know that her recipes are legit because of the Vietnamese subtitles and heavy accent. This woman means business.


The Domestic Geek

I specifically find comfort in her meal prep series. They are so helpful and full of ideas and potential twists.

Everyday Food 

Specifically, I like From the Test Kitchen, where they test a bunch of food myths and demonstrate many food trends of the moment. Kitchen Conundrums addresses lots of legitimate cooking and baking issues using science to explain how you can perfect your kitchen skills.

Cambia Joy

She’s a beauty, fitness and lifestyle Youtuber, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out how innovative her recipes are. She gets sponsored by Quest Bars often, but beyond that, she emphasizes healthy, quick and delicious eating. Normally, I get really annoyed when I watch teen/young Youtubers who don’t know what they are doing, but Cambria isn’t one of them!


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