The new and improved Coffee Lab is finally here

coffee lab 1The wait is over. A new and improved Coffee Lab re-opened this morning after being temporarily closed for renovation during the past month.

The popular North Evanston coffee shop moved down the street from its original location to the space previously occupied by Rollin’ To Go, a sandwich shop that closed earlier this summer.

Coffee Lab’s location change, though subtle, could attract more customers, as it is now directly next to the Noyes Purple Line L stop.

The re-designed space offers free wifi, easily accessible outlets, and enough space to accommodate 40-50 individuals, whereas their initial location could have seated up to perhaps lab 2

The updated interior gives off a homey, modern vibe, featuring super clean, black-and-white decor and chrome-metallic decorations. Light wood paneling, potted plants, and fake grass patches help create a cozy, suburban atmosphere.

Patrons can sit at window seats facing the street, 2, 4, and 6-person tables, or in red plush armchairs situated in a secluded reading nook.

A happy hour special ran for the entirety of the first day, providing customers a 10% discount. Through October 31st, patrons who bring in a flyer offered at the store’s entrance will receive a combined 20% discount on their order.

Amid the hustle-bustle of the re-opening, decisions are yet to be made concerning the exact times of a regular “happy hour” and the addition of substantial menu items like sandwiches.

I stopped in this Friday afternoon to write a music review. The place was full of people who not only came to get their caffeine fix, but also stayed to catch up with friends, get work done, complete interviews, and do some leisure lab 3

My mocha ($3+) was ready in less than five minutes and came served in a fat, wide mug. Underneath the gorgeous latte art, deep chocolate notes harmonized with strong espresso flavors.

Coffee Lab’s most popular drink, however, is probably the pour-over, or drip coffee, which, when ordered “for here”, comes served with a science beaker, hence the name “Coffee Lab”. 

910 Noyes St., Evanston, IL 60201

(815) 261-4176

2 thoughts on “The new and improved Coffee Lab is finally here

  1. hey hii dear saw you at community pool. First of all congrats for your coffee shop .. i just love coffee . for me its a never ending demand … i just wish to come to your shop some dy & spend some worthy time there with you & your coffee shop’s coffee … i like your blog 7 your writings ..
    this is my blog hope you will like it …

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