Food Truck Fest continues in downtown Chicago until October 28th!

Chicago’s Food Truck Fest continues for just a few more weeks in Daley Plaza (50 W. Washington St.). Every Wednesday from 11AM-2PM until October 28th, a variety of food trucks will be parked in the plaza, serving up delicious food truck fare.IMG_1925

Today, I stopped by the area and got a sandwich from The Eastman Egg Company. “The Eastman” is a sandwich stuffed with ham, egg, cheese, cucumber and sweet chili sauce, loaded on ciabatta bread for just $6.75. It was properly satisfying and filling, and well-balanced between the cool cucumber and the salty, savory ham.paper bagsscenic

Daley Plaza is also where the annual Chriskindlmarket is held. The location is close to City Hall, Millenium Park and many other downtown Chicago trucks

At 12:30 PM, the plaza was teeming with suited individuals looking to find something delicious and fast for their lunch break. It was like a corporate atmosphere turned social, allowing people take a breather from their 9-to-5’s and enjoy a bunch of different foods. Pigeons were abundant, flocking to snack on crumbs.

I’ve been to Atlanta’s Food Truck Park, which is a similar consolidation of the city’s food trucks, and both Atlanta’s and Chicago’s gathering of food trucks had this in common: live music.

Chosen Few DJs is a group of house music DJs that have been spreading their music and influence throughout Chicago for years. They’re known for their yearly Chosen Few Old School Reunion Picnic, but today they were just attracting a dancing crowd with their house music, complimented with saxophone tones.crowdsd

Other food trucks present today when I stopped by: Blue Street Market (their chicken pot pie is phenomenal!), Gino’s Steaks Truck, The Cajun Connoisseur, Beaver’s Coffee + Donuts, Husky Hog Bar-B-Que, Lobster on Board (I had a bite of my friend’s lobster roll – it was fresh and flavorful, and in my opinion, worth the extra few bucks), Pierogi Street, Flirty Cupcakes, and Harold’s Chicken.

In addition to food trucks, there were also a few other trucks selling merch, such as Fashion in Motion and StellaLily Studio (which sells handmade art).


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