10 kitchen products you never knew you needed + replacements/hacks

cookieYou don’t need to drop a small fortune on kitchen supplies if you want to make more adventurous food. College kids, listen up. Here are 10 kitchen products you never knew you NEVER NEEDED, with replacements you probably already have in your house/apartment, and additional hacks. 

A lemon squeezer…you mean a fork?

Yeah, you can just use a fork to get all up in the pulp.

Bonus lemon hacks:

To maximize the juice, 1) roll the lemon around the counter-top to soften it up 2) microwave it for 10 seconds to get the juices flowing 3) cut it into quarters, not halves.

To catch seeds, 1) squeeze the lemons cut-side up 2) hold your hand underneath to catch any that slip through.

A pastry cutter/potato masheryou mean the edge of a tin can?

Works the same, seriously. Just put a little more muscle into it.

A rolling pinyou mean a wine bottle? Or a round glass?

Come on, don’t buy a cylinder of wood. Repurpose!

A full knife setyou mean just one big knife and a paring knife?

IMO, these two are all you really need. The paring knife works well for fruit, while the big knife can be used for meat, veggies, and pretty much anything else. If you really want one, you can also get a serrated knife for slicing bread.

Parchment paper/foilyou mean a silpat?

This silicone baking sheet is reusable and a great investment that replaces parchment paper and foil when you’re baking. Make chocolate chip cookies and save the environment!

Cookie cuttersyou mean a cup?

Come on now…

A brown sugar saveryou mean an apple or a slice of bread?

What even is a brown sugar saver? The product description even concedes that apple/bread works just as well. Read more about saving brown sugar here.

Icing bagsyou mean ziploc bags?


Put the plastic bag inside a big cup to prop it up, load it with icing, gather it at the end and tie it off with a rubberband, and snip off a cm of the bottom. Simple decorating!

A drying rackyou mean a dishwasher?

If you’re not going to use your dishwasher, you can easily just pull the racks out, load up wet dishes and utensils, and let it sit overnight. Dry in the morning, and good as new!

A jar openeryou mean a bunch of rubber bands?

Yeah, just grab a bunch of those real rubber bands, wind them around the jar/jar lid super tight, and get a GRIP!


4 thoughts on “10 kitchen products you never knew you needed + replacements/hacks

  1. As a college student, I’ve avoided buying parchment paper, rolling pins and all the other gadgets because those costs add up and it’ll be hard to move all these when I graduate. All these hacks are just so helpful. And that silpat is definitely helpful. Thanks for these hints.

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