Spaghetti 2 ways: Carbonara and Tomato

pastaI needed to eat lunch in my NEW APARTMENT and prepare dinner to go. The convenient part about this meal is that you can make lunch AND dinner in under 15 minutes.

While most spaghetti carbonara recipes are really unhealthy because they’re high in calories and fat, you can make a healthy version by using whole grain pasta, swapping in milk for heavy cream, and watching how much cheese you add. Pair with a superfood like sweet potato to balance errthang out.

These recipes don’t require precise measurements or cooking times. You can just eyeball and taste-test when necessary. Oh, and in case you couldn’t already guess, these are my easier, healthier takes on traditional recipes FO’ COLLEGE KIDS. pasta pan

To prepare the spaghetti carbonara, break 2 servings of pasta in half, and spread it out in a pan, covering it with a few centimeters of water. Turn the stove on to high, and stir occasionally. It should hit boil within a few minutes, so keep watch over it. As long as you move it around every so often, you don’t need to add oil, because the noodles won’t stick together or to the bottom of the pan and burn. If the water evaporates, add more warm water. Simple as that.

Cook however much bacon you’d like (I just used one strip today). Drain the fat until there’s 1-2 tbsp. left in the pan. Put the bacon aside to cool.

Dice up a sweet potato and toss it in the bacon fat on medium-high heat. Add salt and pepper, and let it sit for a minute. Add a splash of water so that it sizzles and steams, and put a lid on it for 5-6 minutes, rattling the pan every now and then to keep the sweet potatoes moving, evenly browning all sides.

Add in a handful of black beans (mine were leftover), and allow to steam again for 1-2 minutes before removing it from the heat. sweet potatoes

In a bowl, mix 2-3 tbsp. of grated Parmesan with an egg and a splash of milk. Add half of the pasta to the bowl, letting most (but not all) of the starchy pasta water drain out. Toss immediately until the egg cooks slightly and the sauce thickens.

Top with bacon, a sprinkle of Parmesan, and a dash of freshly cracked pepper.

To make the tomato spaghetti, add a splash of tomato sauce to the bottom of a Tupperware container. Add the other serving of pasta, top with a sprinkle of Parm, and load 1/2 of the sweet potatoes on top, so that they don’t get soggy. to go meal

The Tupperware should keep at room temperature until dinner.


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