Noche Brookhaven: Tapas Culture with a Southern Kick

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“The trick to any great meal is starting off with guacamole.” – ancient Chinese proverb

If you’re from the South and love tapas, you need to get your ass to Noche A$AP. This restaurant does a great job of combining the dining culture of Spanish tapas with Southern favorites, incorporating foods like fried chicken and cheesy grits into the menu to make the most of its location.

The menu is split up into three sections: Starter Tapas, Tacos and Noche Favorites.

FullSizeRender (46)The starters are small dishes best suited for sharing. Chelsea (from 100 Ways to Write) and I split guacamole and chips as well as bacon-wrapped dates.

The Noche Chips n’ Guacamole ($6) also came with two types of salsa, one tomatillo and the other tomato-based. Both were quite mild but clearly freshly made. The chips were thin and a bit bland, but the chunky guac, filled with onions and spice, made the appetizer worthwhile!

The Applewood-Smoked Bacon-Wrapped Dates ($5) came in quaint serving sizes. Your plate comes with two skewers, each with three small bacon-wrapped dates. However, the thick bacon was cooked until it was dark and crispy, and I could definitely taste that applewood with every bite. The dates, chewy and sweet, had caramelized and wonderfully disintegrated into the bacon. And the blue cheese vinaigrette that came scattered on the plate? Pretty chunky and funky.

On Mondays, Noche has a $2 TaCo SpEcIaL going on, which means that every taco, normally $4 or $5 each, is only $2, with the exception of the Lobster taco. If you were hesitant about dropping your hard earned cash for tapas, this deal will surely win you over.

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Trailer Park Taco (bottom left) and Grilled Marinated Steak Taco (bottom right)

My Trailer Park Taco (normally $4) came with fried chicken, pico de gallo, shredded cheese, and lettuce. The chicken was drenched in a creamy sauce, so it was not as crispy as I would have liked it to be, but the cheese was just starting to melt against the heat of the chicken, and the pico was delightfully chunky, though a bit watery.

The Grilled Marinated Steak Taco (normally $5) featured slightly chewy, thinly-sliced steak that was not overcooked. The taco in a flour tortilla with cheese, lettuce and pico de gallo.

Though it may not have been accurately represented in the two tacos I ordered, the rest of the taco menu indicates that Noche puts some thought into taco fillings. Your protein will not always just sit on a bed of lettuce and pico; there are special types of aiolis, salsas and chili sauces that this restaurant pairs with specific taco fillings. And they love when guests customize their food – they let you swap out the soft flour tortilla for a corn tortilla or a lettuce wrap, upon request.

The Noche Favorites are entrée-style dishes easily split between two people. I asked our waitress, “What’s popular on the menu?”, and she recommended three items:

FullSizeRender (48)
Check out those bacon-wrapped dates lurkin’ in the top right!

The Carne Asada ($9), the Shrimp and Green Chili Cheese Grits ($8) and the Pork Carnitas ($7).

The Carnitas we ordered came with a warm avocado salad and two tortillas. The pork was falling apart in its own juices, probably the result of a low n’ slow braising process. The avocado gave the salad that perfect bit of creaminess to cut through the radishes and onions.

Additionally, the service I experienced at Noche was on point. Because neither Chelsea nor I had ever been, our waitress took the time to explain the tapas process at this restaurant. The spiel, which I’ve heard many times before, explained how tapas dishes are meant for sharing, and that they come out as they’re ready, as opposed to in organized courses.

Our first dish came out no later than five minutes after we had placed our orders. The dishes tend to be small, comparable to those served in Korean banchan, Cantonese dim sum and Japanese izakaya meals.

Our waitress came around three separate times to fill up our water, and someone else (a manager?) even came around and asked how our meal was going. When she was put on a large table of 9, our waitress grabbed us our check early and explained the situation, a move which I greatly appreciated.

Chelsea and I started eating at 11:30 AM and were in and out of the restaurant in under and hour. We had a great lunch conversation sitting at their outdoor patio, however, and didn’t feel rushed to leave at all.

Despite the scorching heat, you’ll still probably enjoy your meal outside because most of the tables are in the shade. Plus, you’ll get to sit and dine on a bright yellow wooden table, but with cloth napkins and real silverware! Pop music is playing in the background and you’ll be brushed by the occasional light breeze.

This Noche has a great location, in Town Brookhaven. As I said in my Bua Thai review,

Town Brookhaven is the perfect place for a young couple to live. Condos and apartments reside atop a wall of stores, including but not limited to a bar, a coffee shop, and many retail stores.

And that’s exactly that kind of crowd you’ll see at this place: young millennials.

My recommendation? Visit for lunch on a Monday to get the best bang for your buck. You can easily have a full meal for under $10 if you just order a handful of tacos. At the end of our meal, Chelsea and I paid $12.84 each, not including tip.

If you can’t make it on a weekday, come on a weekend evening, because after all, the name of the restaurant is Noche Tequila and Tapas Bar.

This place has something for everyone: margaritas, cocktails, white and red wines, and beer! Their “tequila flights” give you a taste of three different tequilas, and they have daily drink specials starting at $5.

705 Town Blvd Q310, Atlanta, GA 30319

(404) 364-9448

Other locations include: Virginia Highland, Vinings, Midtown, Buckhead, and Johns Creek


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