Underwhelming (3.5/5) Tex Mex: Verde Taqueria in Brookhaven

Located in a lovely neighborhood of Brookhaven, Verde is a cute little taqueria that I’d visited twice before.

Third time’s a charm, right? I decided to review it when I was having lunch on a Monday afternoon with my beautiful friend Lisette.

The menu fit on one page, with one side displaying alcohol and the other featuring a simple array of Tex-Mex classics, like quesadillas and tacos. Verde does daily specials, including the classic ‘soup of the day’ offer, as well as twists on traditional tacos utilizing leftovers.

photo 1 (20)
Love me some guac!

To start, Lisette and I ordered the trio of salsa, guac, and queso (~$8), which came in less than five minutes. The queso was topped with chopped green herbs (I’d place my money on chives), and the salsa was runny and thin, but the guacamole was creamy; they even stuck a fresh lime wedge in!

The waitress refilled our chip basket upon request and didn’t charge us for it. God bless her soul.

photo 2 (20)About five minutes later, I received my half portion of the casa salad ($4.5). My serving was huge! The honey mustard dressing I’d ordered came on the side, and the salad was otherwise comprised of mixed field greens, diced tomatoes, bacon, crumbled bleu cheese, and a small scoop of guac. The bleu cheese wasn’t as pungent as it sometimes tends to be, so I enjoyed it. The bacon, however, was stiff and difficult to chew.

The wait for the tacos that we ordered was short. Lisette enjoyed her veggie taco while I examined my fried chicken taco.

The verdict? Average.

photo 3 (14)Portion size: meh.

Food quality: the “fried chicken” was no more than a glorified chicken tender, complimented half-heartedly with the same stiff bacon bits, scarce field greens, and tomato chunks I found in the salad. The creamy chipotle aioli was uplifting, however.

Price: $3.5 – blah. Most of their tacos are this price, but for what I received, I think I’d much rather prefer a taco from Hankook.

Authenticity: mediocre. I think they just slapped some ingredients into a flour tortilla and labeled it a taco.

This particular meal aside, however, this place is pretty straightforward, and holds some merit. You could easily get a meal here for less than $10; consider visiting Verde if you wanted to grab a casual lunch with your family, friend or date. Lisette eloquently summarizes, “the weather was nice and the service was fast.”

The restaurant is usually not very busy, which means that there won’t be a lull in service!

Verde has a full bar as well as a rad-looking margarita menu. Listen to this: “Our Famous Infused Tequila Margaritas – el charro 100% blue agave tequila infused in limited batches with various fruits and peppers.” My tastebuds be tinglin’.

You can sit either indoors (they have tables and booths) or in one of two outdoors areas, one facing the street, the other facing the parking garage. Take your pick: would you rather be facing traffic or a gray concrete wall?

I’d describe this place as underwhelming. While there’s nothing awful about it, nothing super special jumps out at me. The bathrooms are clean, the waiters check in on you often enough, and they play mild music that never interferes in the conversation. I’d give it 3.5 stars out of 5.

Verde has two total Atlanta locations. The one I visited:

1426 Dresden Dr NE

Atlanta, GA

(404) 254-5319


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