Evanston’s Farmers’ Market: Visit While You Can!

photo 4 (3)
A rainbow of options!

Downtown Evanston yields an exciting farmers’ market every Saturday this autumn (until Nov. 8) from 7:30AM to 1PM. With over 50 booths and a myriad of produce and items being sold, there’s bound to be something for everyone. The only thing you need to do is go.

A great deal of what is sold is either all-natural or organic; everything is local. But that’s just produce.

Besides that, there are cheeses and pies and candles and jars of honey being sold. A myriad of local bakeries and restaurants have set up…farmers’ markets are meant to focus on local products.

Every week there’s a new theme with a cooking demonstration and a subsequent tasting, featuring chefs from Evanston restaurants and the like. There’s always something to learn.

I know my friend Natalie and I looked like total amateurs, snapping shots and exclaiming at every new thing we saw, but I have gone to few of these in the past, and every new opportunity leaves me in awe of the way that people have managed to gather and share what they love with others.

Natalie bought a handful of apples, and we split a super-fresh, super-delish smoothie that was made from peaches, blueberries, and what we detected as something effervescent, like soda.

We will definitely be visiting it again.

If my family lived here, I would have bought $100+ worth of groceries, I promise. But a college student can only handle so much fresh produce…

photo 3 (8)
photo 2 (11)
More veggies!
photo 1 (11)
Not every ear of corn has to be sunshine yellow.
photo 3 (7)
To-may-to, to-mah-to
photo 2 (10)
Unconventional cauliflower, one of my favorite vegetables.
photo 1 (10)

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