Bua Thai: Classy Ambiance For Cheap

Town Brookhaven is the perfect place for a young couple to live. Condos and apartments reside atop a wall of stores, including but not limited to a bar, a coffee shop, and many retail stores. In the same shopping center there’s a Publix and a Costco, a movie theatre, and a diverse variety of restaurants, and I have an exotic Thai/sushi place to add to your list: Bua Thai.

photo 1 (2)
You guessed it…Bua means “lotus” in Thai.

One step into the restaurant and you’ll be visually impacted by the lotus theme, with lotus logos on the walls and menus, metallic lotus centerpieces at every table, and a huge display of fresh lotus blossoms in the middle of the restaurant.

On a Friday night, the place is packed with couples looking for a hip place to meet up, and on Saturday nights, families show up for a dinner together. You walk in and seat yourself, with each table packed tightly next to the other so that privacy is minimized and space is maximized. Efficiency seems to be an overall trend.

The diners chatter loudly over the contemporary music blasting in the restaurant, and the waiters speak as quickly as they move, hurrying the customers along.

I see people in t-shirts, dress shirts, and dresses…and I see grownups, friends, and families.

TL;DR: With the inexpensive menu but fancy decor, this place is perfect for all occasions, for everyone.

A sushi bar resides in the far left corner, with seating available if you want to watch magic take place. There’s a full bar in the right corner hosting the only non-Asian employee in the restaurant (as far as I’m aware), a white bartender.

Bathroom quality: check.

The main outdoor dining area is closed off by a gate, complete with awning and ceiling fans. The other area is more lounge-ish, adjacent from the outdoor seating of the Mediterranean restaurant next door.

Let’s talk authenticity. Most of the staff is Asian – pretty good sign. The decor is on point, with all its warm tones and dark woods and whatnot. The dishes, however, are one entree per diner, not traditionally family style.

However, what this restaurant lacks in tradition, it gains in a trendy, contemporary atmosphere that helps to attract a younger, more diverse crowd. I genuinely enjoy that balance.

The menu doesn’t overwhelm nor underwhelm. The items on it are diverse enough and sectioned off into categories like “noodles” or “stir-fries” etc.

The wait for our sushi was around ten minutes, and the wait for our entrees was about ten minutes after that; really quite bearable, considering how busy the restaurant can become.

We ordered the Uana tempura roll, which featured shrimp, eel, and avocado, in my favorite eel sauce. We also got the popular California roll, with the classic crab, avocado and cucumber. What shall I say about the sushi? It tasted as above average as sushi can taste. The portion sizes were additionally above average, a pattern reflected in pretty much all of our entrees. The prices ($10.25 and $7.95 for 6 pieces, respectively) seemed fair but the slightest bit of whining might be acceptable.photo 2 (2)

For a family of four, we received two small complimentary bowls of white rice, which makes my knees go weak. Probably wasn’t enough, so we ordered another bowl, which they did end up charging us for. Oh well.

When our food arrived, it was decorated with edible purple flowers and served on minimalist white platters to truly showcase the diverse textures and colors.

photo 3 (2)
My sister’s chili tofu ($12) was very mild, adorned with soft tofu cubes with a fried exterior. Lots of vegetables milling around in delicious sauce left us the impression that this dish is a potential option for vegetarians.
photo 4 (1)
My parents’ Gingerine shrimp ($15) consisted of perfect tender shrimp in an intriguing brown sauce, heavily perfumed with spicy ginger! If you’re a fan of that flavor, try this dish.
photo 1 (3)
My Beef Pad See Ewe ($12) was pretty perfect…I was impressed by the way the noodles had seemed to slurp up all the sauce, so each bite was a union of noodle and sauce, not two separate entities. There was a generous amount of beef with assorted veggies running through. It was served in a gorgeous bowl with a tilted lip.
photo 2 (3)
Last but least 😦 I ordered a $6 dessert, a summer special of shaved ice mixed with condensed milk and red beans. This dessert had always been a childhood favorite, and it was a huge disappointment. I was led on! The dish itself was beautiful…electric pink sugary liquid coating shaved ice with small, chewy red beans barely enough for two.

Final check turned to be $67 including an appetizer-like sushi platter and an unjustifiably expensive dessert, with each entree rounding out to about $13 or so dollars.

Then I went again with my friend Josh, this time during lunch time on a weekday, and we got some more exciting dishes! This time, the restaurant was much less busy and we sat outside; our food took at most, ten minutes to prepare. I ordered a glass of bubble tea, which came incredibly sweet with decent quality boba pearls, topped with whipped cream. For $3, it was around the price that normal bubble tea joints (such as the one I work at) offer them for, and it came more lavish and fancy in comparison. I might order it again.


photo 1 (4)
Josh’s Fisherman Madness ($12) was designated by their menu to have three chilis’ worth of spice, the spiciest the restaurant offered. As far as I can tell, he wasn’t overwhelmed by it much, and had no complaints. I didn’t try it because I’m sensitive to spicy foods.


photo 2 (5)
I honestly can’t remember what this dish was called, but it was under $15 and tasted great. Vermicelli noodles tossed with fat shrimp and a stir-fried vegetable medley makes for a happy Cat.

In comparison to other places I’ve recently visited, Bua Thai stood out to me because the decor of the place was just so visually appealing. It made the overall ambiance of the restaurant memorable, and I could barely believe the prices that I saw on their menus, given the fancy-shmancy atmosphere.

705 Town Blvd Q330, Atlanta, GA 30319

(678) 973-2665



3 thoughts on “Bua Thai: Classy Ambiance For Cheap

  1. I live right across the strew from this place. I’ve always just assumed it was expensive so I’ve never been. But I’ll have to check it out now that I know it’s not. I love Beef Pad See Ewe!


    1. That’s what I was dreading too! But I took one look at the menu and realized pretty much all of their lunch entrees and most of the dinner entrees are below $15. The decor really makes it worthwhile, I promise. Hope you visit soon and enjoy it! 🙂


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