Youtube Highlight: Donal Skehan



I don’t want to admit that I found Donal Skehan’s channel because his smile and dark hair, blue eyes combination stood out to me on Youtube’s front page, but it’s all true.

Donal can sing, cook, and present on television; is there anything he can’t do?

His Youtube channel’s been up and running for about a year now, offering up a broad range of recipes…entrées, desserts, and even Irish classics with a twist, as this 28-year-old was born and raised in the capital of Ireland. He’s even got 2 cookbooks out!

Every recipe is of him bouncing around in his kitchen, livening up your computer screen with his brilliant, boyish smile and his slight Irish accent.

Normally, I get bored watching videos that go longer than 7 or 8 minutes, but I strangely stay attentive during his videos. Some personality trait that really travels through the lens, I suppose.

I’m actually really glad I found his channel and genuinely can’t wait for whatever he posts next.

Oh, and he’s already engaged.


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